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Salt City Bassmasters Rules and By-laws

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Revised February 2011

Mission Statement:
Salt City Bassmasters:  Is an organization dedicated to helping its members become better bass anglers through discussion, seminars, and interactive learning.  Salt City encourages learning, sportsmanship, and fun.  Lastly, Salt City Bassmasters wants to improve the knowledge of all anglers, promote ethical behavior and sportsmanship, and increase environmental awareness.
There shall be seven (7) club officers:  President, Vice President/Secretary, Treasurer, Tournament Director, Public Relations Director, Web Master and Sponsorship Director.  All of these positions shall be elected offices.
Terms and Methods in Selection of Officers:
A.   Election of officers will be in October of each year. The elected officers' appointment will start at the beginning of the November
     meeting and run until the start of the following November's meeting.
B.   The election shall be called by the officers of the preceding year.  Nominations shall be held at the September meeting.
C.   Any member may either be nominated by another member or submit their own name to run for office.
D.   A member need not be present to be nominated for any office.  Nominees not present will be notified within five (5) days after the
     meeting by the club vice president/secretary.
E.   A nominee who is unable to attend the October election of officers must inform the present President of his/her acceptance at
     least 24 hours prior to the meeting or the name of that nominee will be removed from the ballot prior to the election.
F.   Each elected officer will serve a term of one (1) year.
G.   Each officer will be eligible for re-election.
H.   An officer may hold only one elected office at one time.  However, an officer may be appointed to a vacant office by the President.
     Such appointment shall not exceed 60 days by which time a special election must be held.  If the vacant office can not be filled by
     special election, the present administration will be responsible for the duties of that office.
I.   An officer may be removed from office if he/she is not properly fulfilling his/her duties.  He/she must be given one month’s notice
     prior to possible removal from that office.  The officer will be given an opportunity to defend his/her position.  A vote may then be
     then be taken requiring 2/3 majority of the members present for a final decision.  Any paid member may make a motion for an
     officer’s removal.
J.   For election of officers only, voting will be conducted by members present at the election meeting (October), or by submitting a
     written, signed proxy ballot.  Proxy ballots must be in the possession of the President, or his/her designee, prior to the start of the
     election balloting.  The President, or his/her designee, will be responsible for opening and totaling the proxy votes.
K.   Club Officers will have their Club Dues paid for, the following year of their service, whether they are reelected or not. 
Board of Directors:
The Board of Directors shall be made up of the elected officers of the club.  The duties of the Board of Directors will include (but is not limited to) the formulation and implementation of club policy and procedures.
Duties of Officers:

A.   Presides at all regular club meetings.
B.   Establishes committees and appoints committee members, if seats are not filled on a voluntary basis.
C.   Coordinates all club activities.
D.   Will be a standing member of any “show” committee.
E.   Will make arrangements for all presentations and speakers for any club meeting.
F.   Will make arrangements for any “special events”.
A.   Presides at club meetings in the absence of the President.
B.   Is a standing member of all club committees.  The Vice President/Secretary will only vote on committee business in order to break
     a dead-lock.
C.   Will assume the duties of any other officers not present at any meeting.
D.   Keeps the minutes of all meetings and reads the minutes of the previous meeting, at the current meeting.
E.   Will notify all club members of the annual election meeting in writing, at least 30 days prior to the election.
F.   Will notify all club members of each upcoming meeting, in writing each month along with the Monthly News Letter.
G.   Will keep all media informed of the club activities each month, via Monthly News Letter and/or phone calls.
H.   Will be authorized by the bank to sign SCBM checks in lieu of the absence of the Club Treasurer and will oversee the Club bank
     statements along with the Club Treasurer. 
I.   Keeps club roster for B.A.S.S. purpose.
A.   Keeps all financial records.
B.   Pays all Club bills, maintains required SCBM checking, savings and On-line banking accounts, any checks over the amount $500.00
     will require 2 SCBM Officer signatures, the second signature being that of the VP/Sec. who will also be authorized by the bank to
     sign SCBM checks. 
C.   Reads financial reports at all club meetings.  In the event that the Treasurer can not attend a monthly meeting, he/she will forward
     the financial statement to another officer, who will read it to the membership.
D.   Maintains any required checking or savings accounts.
Tournament Director:
A.   Enforces all tournament rules.
B.   Delegates all tournament prizes.
C.   Appoints a tournament committee consisting of 4 boaters and 4 non-boaters.  The tournament committee will be responsible to
     the tournament director to pick tournament sites, schedule dates for all tournaments and assist at weigh-ins.
D.   The tournament director and/or his/her designee will be responsible for any special rules or rule changes for tournaments.
E.   Is responsible for all tournament arrangements and necessary tournament equipment such as scales, official measuring
     board, etc…
F.   Will inform the membership of tournament results and standings at club meetings.
G.   Will ensure the club's membership has selected tournament waters at or before the November meeting
H.   Will schedule a separate meeting of the tournament committee prior to the start of the December meeting to layout plans for the
     upcoming tournament season schedule (*this is the reason for the officer turn-over starting in November).

Tournament Schedule
At each November Salt City Bassmasters Club Meeting, the Tournament Director will ask for attending members to vote on which current Tournament Trails Salt City Bassmasters will schedule around for the upcoming season.
A.   Keep club web site is kept current, that all links and references are current, load appropriate stories, photos and news items.
B.   Ensure club web site hosting fees are kept current, coordinate with club treasurer for payment.
C.   Monitor members that are accessing the club's message board, adding and removing access as necessary.
Public Relations Director:
A.   Promote club through news media and to possible sponsors, ensure club banner is up and present at club functions.
B.   Gather information about club events: tournaments, casting kids, etc... and submit to appropriate news media sources and to club
     Web Master for posting on club website.
C.   Take pictures or coordinate the taking of pictures of club events and forward to web master for posting.
Sponsorship Director:
A.   Develop and update Sponsorship Plan.
B.   Identify and approach and acquire sponsors for the club.
C.   Ensure sponsors are welcomed to club meetings to promote their business.
D.   Ensure sponsors are properly thanked for their contributions.
A.   Membership is open to all residents of New York State.
B.   Each member will pay yearly dues in the amount of $75.00. This includes the “current” rate we pay dues to NYSBCF, National

      BASS Federation and SCBM’s. These figures are subject to change. Currently (2010) these rates are as follows: NYSBCF - $20.00,
      National BASS Federation -  $30.00,  SCBM - $25.00. A $10.00 discount will be given to any member who pays their
      membership dues before December 31st . SCBM Membership dues for all “new” members will be $20.00 regardless of when they
      join the Club. Dues paid after December 31st (from 1/1 on) will be increased to $100. The reason: the number of positions in the
      regional for our state are now tied to the number of paid club members AS OF 12/31.
D.   Each paid member has a vote in all club matters.
E.   A member must be present to vote on club matters, except for the officer elections which can be done by written proxy.
F.   In order to become a member of the club, you must be at least sixteen years of age.  In addition, before a prospective new member

     can join Salt City Bassmasters:
     1.   The Salt City Bassmasters membership will not have a cap.
     2.   SCBM will carry an approximate ratio of 60% boaters and 40% non-boaters based on the total membership number. 
     3.   A boater is someone who owns a boat that is tournament ready for the current season as defined by the club’s tournament

            rules,  (Read tournament rules for further clarification on “tournament ready”), AND will use their boat if requested by the
            tournament director.
     4.   The club Secretary will keep a list of qualified boaters and non-boaters in the Membership Roster.  
     5.   In the event that either section 1 or 2 prevents individuals from joining the club, the prospective members will go on a Waiting

            List (maintained by the club secretary) that will be kept in order of their application date.
           a.   The Executive Board (Club Officers), shall have the power to override the "wait list" to admit a new member if they see fit to

                  do so.
     6.   A member cannot be excluded on the basis of section 2; contingent upon that member continually paying their yearly dues on

            or before the club’s January meeting.
G.   Any member can be expelled from the club for poor sportsmanship or actions deemed detrimental to the club.
H.   Before any member can be expelled from the club, they will have the opportunity to defend themselves to the membership.
I.   Actual expulsion will be decided by a 2/3 vote of the members present at the meeting in which said charges are presented.
J.   The club may establish a limit on the number of members.

Salt City Bassmaster's Club Classic:
A.   The Top 12 boaters and non-boaters from that year’s final point standings for each division qualify for the classic.
B.   All contestants must have participated in the minimum number of club tournaments to qualify for Angler of the Year points, i.e. : Salt City fishes 6 points
     tournaments but allows 2 drops, so minimum number of tournaments is 4.
C.   If there are less than 12 qualified non-boaters, than the appropriate number of boaters will be selected to round out the field. Starting with boater #13
     and continuing on i.e.: If the club only has 10 non-boaters, than boater number 13 & 14 will be used to round out the field of non-boaters. Any boater
     used in this fashion will be deemed a non-boater. 
D.   In the event that there are less than 12 qualified boaters, the tournament field will be reduced to match the number of qualified boaters x 2. For
     example, if only 8 boaters have fished in the minimum number of tournaments. The tournament field will be compromised of 16 angler 8 boaters and 8
E.   Qualified boaters must fish as a boater during the tournament, else become first alternate non-boater (see rule 4)
F.   Fee will be $40.00 per boater and $30 for non-boater. Non-boater fee will be in effect.  
G.   There will two categories of award. Boaters will fish against other boaters. Non-boaters will fish against other non-boaters. The top 3 in each category
     will be awarded prize money. Additionally, lunker will be awarded in each category.  
H.   ***** As club funds permit, club should donate a portion of club funds to tournament. This amount is to be determined by club officers, and should
     be distributed equally among all prize categories (except lunker). For example, if a sponsor wants to have the tournament named after them, we could
     use the club classic for that purpose. *****  
I.   Additionally, Classic boater and non-boater first place finishers will receive plaques (same as points tournament winners). Classic boater and
     non-boater lunkers will receive plaques (same as CTE qualifiers).  
J.   Pairings will be first place boater with twelfth place non-boater, 2nd place boater with eleventh place non-boater. , etc….  
K.   After initial pairings tournament director will determine any changes due to cancellations or other unforeseeable events.  
L.   All Salt City Bass master’s tournament rules are in effect. For example, late penalties, short fish, dead fish, etc. 
Year End Awards:
The below awards will be handed out following the final year end points tournament, at a point in time the club’s treasury can afford to purchase them all (to be determined by the club’s officers):
Angler of the Year:   Goes to the angler who has accumulated the most points throughout a season(excluding the dropped tournaments).

Non-Boater of the Year:   Goes to the angler who has accumulated the most points throughout a season in the non-boater division. 
Rookie of the Year:   Goes to a new member (excludes previous members) who accumulated more points, regardless of division, than all other new members throughout a tournament season (excluding dropped tournaments).  
Lunker of the Year:   Goes to the angler who catches the biggest single bass, by weight during the tournament season.
Individual Tournament Winners:   These awards go to the anglers that won an individual bass points tournament during the tournament season.  Excludes any special tournaments,  i.e.  Walleye, Go Anywhere, etc...
Two Day Overall:   Goes to the angler that is the overall winner of the Two Day Event, unless it was a two day event counting as a single point tournament.
Most Improved Angler:   Goes to the angler that made the biggest increase in overall club ranking from previous season (new members are excluded), provided individual fished at least four tournaments the season before.
Salt City Bassmasters (Year) Club Team Event:   This awards goes to each of the 6 members that originally qualify for the club team event, regardless if that member chooses to fish the C.T.E.
Sportsman of the Year:   Nominations for this award must be presented in writing to the club officers at or before the club's December meeting. At that time the officers will review the nominations and determine the recipient. The person who nominates the winning member will receive a $25 gift certificate to Bass Pro Shops, and the award winner will receive a plaque.
Club Classic Champion: Boater Division:   Goes to the boater who has the most weight out of all boaters (Large Plaque) 
Club Classic Lunker: Boater Division:   Goes to the boater with largest single bass out of all boaters (Small Plaque)
Club Classic Champion: Non-Boater Division:   Goes to the non-boater who has the most weight out of all non-boaters (Large Plaque) 
Club Classic Lunker: Non-Boater Division:   Goes to the non-boater with largest single bass out of all non-boaters (Small Plaque)
***  In the event of ties at the end of the year, the higher position, based on ALL 6 points Tournaments, will go to the angler with the most fish for the year. If a tie still exists, the total weight from ALL 6 points tournaments will be used. If a tie still exists, the angler with the most points from ALL 6 Points tournaments will be given the higher position.  
Club Team Championship (for NYS BASS Chapter Federation):
A.   When determining the participants of the Club Team Championship: 1st thru 3rd position in the preceding year’s AOY standings will have option to be a
     boater. 4th and 5th place boaters are designated the first two non-boaters unless an angler in 1st thru 3rd position opts to be a non-boater. In that
     case the next highest angler will be given the option to be a boater until all three boater spots are taken.  The 6thposition on the team is reserved for the
     non-boater of the year.  7th thru 8th place are the designated CTC alternates comprised of the 6thplace boater and the 2nd place non-boater. 
B.   Potential Team members must commit to the team captain by the May meeting. In the event an angler commits to the team but backs out of the event,
     the angler will be charged to re-coup any club expenses incurred and will not be allowed to fish a Salt City Bassmasters event until the monies have
     been returned to the club. This will be reviewed and enforced by the Club’s Officers. (E.G. Club buys an alternate a team shirt and an individual does not
     pre-fish for the team or attend practice.)
C.   The club will (when funding is available as determined by the club officers) allocate each Salt City Team member that fishes the NYSBCF Club Team
     Championship $300 to help defray costs associated with fishing that event. In addition the two alternates who fish the two practice days, will each be
     allocated $150. Note: Since the purpose of awarding the money is to help create a successful team practice, it is expected that the alternates and team
     members will fish the practice period, failure to fish both practice days can result in a reduced dollar amount being awarded to those members.  The
     funds will be controlled by the Team Captain or his/her designee to ensure fair and equitable division of money to the participants.
D.   The club will also pay (when funding is available) for the CTC entry fee and BBQ for the alternates. Any additional expenses for the CTC (i.e. gas, lodging,
     food, shirts, embroidery, patches, etc...) will be the responsibility of each team member.
E.   Any NYSBCF CTC team prize money that is won will be split 50/50 between the Club and the 6 CTC members. Any further division of money between the
     original 6 CTC members and the two alternates will be left up to those two groups. Any individual prize money (overall individual finish or lunker) does
     not need to be divided between the club or team members.

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